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BerichtOnderwerp: lies   vr jun 20, 2008 6:59 pm

i have a gf.. rather i had a gf

i love her so much

she is the jealous type

she managed to lie to me, i don't want to give the details

now she wants me back

she wants to win me back

but i keep on rejecting her

it's been 16 days since we broke up

and until now i haven't given her a chance

i feel that lie is something that she should have committed the least

what is your opinion about lies.. and then later on asking for

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: lies   za jun 21, 2008 11:37 am

whoa.... that is sad Sad Lies are very serious because they undermine trust. If I don't trust someone anymore, I can forgive all that I want, but the relation I had with that person will never be the same again. Having said this, anyone makes mistakes.... I think if someone would lie to me and ask forgiveness later, I would do my best to forgive them, but I would never trust them 100% again.


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WOA junkie

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: lies   di sep 23, 2008 10:43 am

Does she ask you to forgive her because she wants you back or because she regrets what she did? In the last case, she would give you the freedom to choose whether or not to forgive her, and whether or not to give her another chance (that are two seperate things, in my opinion). And both things are really up to you! Forgiveness can be good for the soul and good for relationships, even if they can't be restored, but it should be given out of your heart, of your own choice, or it can't be real. And you can only give her a new chance if she regrets what she did and if you can forgive her, or it won't work. IMHO

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: lies   

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